About us

Mad Dogs & Englishmen 

Mad dogs and Englishmen was founded in 2010. Our aim is to provide eco-friendly, quality and stylish craft products not available elsewhere and quality pet products at the best possible prices.

Our policy is to take steps where possible to preserve the environment whilst ensuring that we have not compromised the quality of our goods or the service we provide.
Our pet product range is purchased locally from Ancol - an established family business in Walsall in the West Midlands. The leather goods are manufactured in Walsall and many of the other products are UK made – thus protecting British jobs and reducing the transit miles of our pet stock. For those animal lovers out there who don't have a pet, Mad Dogs still has plenty something to offer, we have a great range of animal themed gift wrap and ribbons, In choosing our gift wrap and craft range, we have selected unusual products, many with an animal theme that are hard to find anywhere else. Our handmade cards and hand decorated bags are unique and have their own personal touch. We have a range of paper gift bags that are all recyclable and many are made from up to 100% recycled materials. Our range of tissue paper also includes papers made from 100% recycled materials.
Many of our riboons are made from natural fibres and are 100% biodegradeable including our unusual crinkle paper ribbon range> that look great on gift wrapping or other decorations and are suprisingly versatile and attractive. Although all of our gift paper is recylable, if sellotape is attached to it, recycling can become very difficult and therefore some local authorities do not accept wrapping paper for recycling. We offer a range of paper adhesive seals, labels and stickers to help to eliminate the use of plastic when wrapping gifts. If you prefer a simple but strong gift wrap option, why not wrap gifts with brown kraft paper and tie with one of our ribbons? We have a range of ribbons that co-ordinate yet beautify the simplicity of this paper such as our choc dot ribbon or our paper raffia.