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Gifts for wedding, artistic gifts,birthday and graduation

We are the local company in Hong Kong which provides the gold foil products, the pure gold products, crystal award, trophy and enterprise presents etc. We provide design, sales, manufacture one-stop service. We glad to welcome retail or wholesale.

Thai Burmese Crafts

Craft World - All Crafts from Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) are collected here for shopping on beautiful gifts and souvenirs, including their backgrounds and details.

DiDi handmade jewellery

Beautiful handmade jewellery using semi-precious stones inspired by the coasts and countryside of East Anglia. Designer jewellery at affordable prices.

Freelance Artist Mary-Anns Art and Crafts South Africa

Freelance artist SA Arts And Crafts, Paintings and Hand Made Wall Hangings offered by Mary-Ann Troskie Schweizer-Reneke South Africa

Beautiful Handmade Paper from Wildpaper
Use our handmade paper for gift and present wrapping and your crafting projects; and our handmade computer printer paper for distinctive notices and greeting cards.

Identifying Eco-Friendly Products Find out what makes eco-friendly products green, how to identify these eco products and where to find them.

Dog Friendly Holidays and Days Out

Designer Pet Id Tags professionally engraved

We have a over 40 types of Designer Pet Tags perfect for your pets. These tags are very stylish, strong & deeply engraved ensuring long lasting text. We also have a range of Classic Pet tags. These tags are plain in design but are excellent quality. We have a range of engraved Beware of Dog Signs in various sizes.

Pet Trendy

The Pet Information Site. Dog & Cat breed details helping you choose the right pet for you. Products & Gifts for your pet, Articles, Breeders, Trainers and much more.

Linella Dog Grooming Salon

Tel: 0121 429 5196 / 0779 0443238 Email: tinastockton123@btinternet.com

German Shepherd Dog Training club

German shepherd dog training club based in Wythall, West Midlands.

American Pit Bull Terrier Supplies

Please visit this website to get high quality Pitbull collar, Pitbull harness, Pitbull muzzle, dog leash for reasonable prices - Dog Harness, Dog Collar , Dog Leash, Dog Muzzle Trusted Direct Source - www.All-About-Pitbull-Dog-Breed.com

Rottweiler Dog Equipment
Custom leather dog harness for Rottweiler, Big dog harness, Rottweiler muzzles, Bite sleeve for dog training, Dog training equipment , Dog collar for Rottweiler, Dog training leads-leashes

Doberman Dog On-line Store
Doberman dog harness, Doberman dog muzzle, Doberman dog collar, Dog leads, Bite sleeve. Accessories for training of your dog. Articles about Doberman - Breed Standard, choosing a Doberman's puppy and much, much more..

Cane Corso Harnesses
Leather & Nylon Harnesses, Studded leather dog harness, Spiked leather dog harness, Royal leather dog harness, Luxury padded dog harness, Designed padded dog harness

Schutzhund Training Store
Schutzhund Dog Bite Sleeve, Intermediate Bite Sleeves, Schutzhund Dog Training Equipment, Puppy Sleeve, Training dog harness, Quality dog collars, Muzzles. Traditionally designed for professional dog trainers, military units and police forces demanding a product of outstanding quality and strength, our manufacturers now offer elegant designs to suit the sophisticated tastes of American and European dog owners.

ABC For Dogs

Kent based dog trainer offering solutions to dog training and dog behaviour issues,dog and puppy training classes, one to one training,home visits for dog behaviour and training issues

MCB Portraits

Pencil Portrait Artist offering pencil drawings of people and pets from photographs

Dog Harnesses

Dog walking harness for all purposes will surprise you! Just measure your dog and get the best harness offer!

Online Top Mastiff Breed Web store

Do you need a harness, collar, muzzle or a durable leash for your pet? Visit our Mastiff breed store and you get what you need for your four-legged friend. Low prices and top notch quality are guaranteed.

Specialized and Quality Dog Training Equipment for Bullmastiffs
High quality Bullmastiff dog breed training supplies for professionals and ordinary handlers: leather and wire muzzles, durable everyday and decorated leather and nylon dog collars, tracking and pulling harnesses, bite suits and sleeves for puppies and adult dogs, toys, etc.

Professional English Bulldog Training Store

Find here only quality full grain genuine leather harnesses, leashes, muzzles and collars as well as their nylon models for your doggy. Your English Bulldog will look great with our dog supplies on.

Handcrafted German Shepherd Supplies
Unique style and top quality German Shepherd training equipment and supplies. Various models of harnesses, collars, leashes, items for attack and agitation training and many other dog stuff you will like for your German Shepherd.

Professional Handcrafted Great Dane Breed Accessories
Unique designs of different Great Dane breed supplies.Fins in our store cool dog collars, training dog harnesses, agitation training muzzles, durable long and short leashes, and other dog stuff for your doggie.

Training Dog Equipment and Supplies Online
Plenty of different harness models, durable leather and wire cage muzzles, collars for everyday use, dog shows and training, great many models of leashes, adult dogs and puppy bite tugs and many other stuff that you will like for your dog.

Leather Muzzles for Energetic and Work Dogs
Wide range of leather walking and attack training muzzle models are available in our Leather Dog Muzzles store.

Wire Cage Dog Muzzle Online
We offer a lot of wire basket muzzles of various models that can secure properly your dog's snout and provide people around with safety during attack training sessions or walk in public places.

Belgian Malinois Professional Dog Training Stuff
Order now dog training equipment at reasonable prices. Follow our discounts and get top quality and safe products for your Malinois dog at low price. Harnesses, muzzles, collars and other necessary dog items are available here.

Dalmatian Store for Dog Owners

Wide variety of specialized dog training equipment such as leather and nylon handmade harnesses, durable muzzles of various shapes, long and short leashes, decorated collars and other dog supplies for Dalmatian dog breed.

Dog Training Equipment and Dog Supplies
Choose among wide range of dog wire and leather muzzles for everyday use and dog training sessions, leather and durable nylon harnesses for attack and pulling work, dog show collars and decorated training collars with handle, dog leashes, bite sleeves, suits and many other stuff for you and your pet.

Boxer Dog Online Items

Training dog supplies: nylon and leather harnesses for pulling and agitation sessions, durable muzzles of different shapes with adjustable straps, decorated leather and nylon collars, long leashes and pull tabs, bite training suits and many other dog products.

Everything for American Bulldog Training
Choose top quality American Bulldog harnesses, collars, muzzles, leashes and other dog stuff made of leather and nylon and equipped with super durable fittings.

Dog Muzzles Online

Excellent and wide range of leather, wire cage and hand-painted dog muzzles. Find the one or several for your dog training sessions and walking. Low prices will persuade you even more.

Newfoundland Dog Supplies
Wide range of training dog equipment for Newfoundland dogs. Custom made products, low prices, super quality. We will help you to get what you need.

Specialized Dog Harnesses Store
Top quality leather and nylon dog harnesses for different purposes: dog training, agitation, walking, pulling etc. Hand and custom-made products.

Dogue de Bordeaux Dog Stuff
Approved quality of wire and leather muzzles, leather and nylon harnesses for different training purposes and everyday safe walking, ordinary and padded collars, leashes and other professional training supplies for your magnificent Dogue de Bordeaux!

Shar Pei Dog Equipment Online
Fantastic leather harnesses, wire cage muzzles, leather and nylon collars, durable leads for safe walking and other approved quality training items designed to fit the needs of your Shar Pei.

Specialized Bite Sleeves Website
Wide range of durable bite sleeves for adult dogs and puppy training.

Professional English Bulldog Training Store
Find more than just natural leather training harnesses, walking leashes, agitation training muzzles and collars for your dog.

Best Products for Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky training supplies: open-shape and closed leather and wire cage muzzles, pulling and tracking harnesses, long and short leashes, decorated with spikes and studs collars, bite sleeves, toys etc.

Best Design Training Dog Stuff for Black Russian Terriers
Black Russian Terrier products made of high quality leather, nylon, with durable and safe fittings to make your dog training and walking extremely comfortable and safe.

Wire Dog Collars
Best quality metal collars for your doggy on our webstore are waiting for you.

Cool Original Herm Sprenger Dog Collars Online
Wide choice of different herm sprenger dog collars is here. Visit us and you will find the one you need.

Labrador Dog Stuff
Handcrafted dog collars, leather and nylon adjustable harnesses, durable and comfortable muzzles, leads, toys and many other dog stuff for Labradors.

Golden Retriever Dog Accessories Online
All necessary dog items for Golden Retrievers: original designs of leather and nylon collars, adjustable leather and nylon harnesses, comfy and safe muzzles and many other dog goods.

Everything for K9 Dogs
K9 dogs muzzles, harnesses, collars, toys, bite sleeves and many other dog gear of high quality, durable fittings and at low prices.

Leashes for Any Taste
Welcome to our web store where you can find best leather, nylon or chain leashes for different types of activities!

English Bull Terrier Online Store
Great variety of Bull Terrier well adjustable nylon and leather harnesses, soft and padded leather and wire cage muzzles, studded collars, long leather and nylon leashes and other training dog products at best prices ever!

Quality Muzzles by Breed
Best types and wide range of sizes of muzzle nearly for every dog breed. Durable, comfy and safe dog products made of eco-friendly materials. Try once and you will never regret!

Specialized Bullmastiff Dog Training Gear
Get today here at reasonable prices great dog supplies from Bullmastiff Breed Store training leather and wire cage muzzles, tracking and pulling harnesses, decorated collars and many other dog stuff.

Belgian Malinois Training Web Store
Belgian Malinois is a working breed that requires a lot of training. Welcome to our store where you will be able to find great and quality stuff for different types of dog training.

All Types Dog Harnesses Store
If you are an owner who prefers collars to harnesses then you have a great chance to enter the world of variety of harness models to fit nearly all dog breeds. Training, walking, working harnesses made of leather and nylon are waiting for you.

Quality and Refined Dog Harnesses Store
Professional dog harnesses for different needs and types of training. Being made of quality leather and nylon they will serve your dog for many years.

Pitbull Dog Equipment Store
Only top quality Pit Bull equipment can be found here in our store. Choose among leather and nylon training harnesses? great working and walking muzzles, training and walking collars, bite suits and toys for your Pit Bull are here.

Schutzhund Bite Sleeves Online
Online quality store of bite sleeves for training pups and adult dogs: hidden, intermediate sleeves, etc.)

Heavy Duty Equipment for Schutzhund Training
Working and training muzzles with well ventilation design, wide padded collars, tracking and pulling harnesses, long and short leather or nylon leashes, bite suits, bite sleeves and other gear for Schutzhund training.

Doberman Dog Quality Supplies
Professional dog training gear for Dobermans. You will be impressed with the designs and quality of our training harnesses, muzzles, collars, effective devices for obedience training and many other stuff suitable for proper development of your four-legged friend.

Muzzles Dog World
We offer great choice of muzzles for small, medium, large and extra large breeds that are suitable for everyday wearing and dog training sessions.

Dog Gear for Siberian Husky
Handcrafted Siberian Husky training equipment for everyday professional use - basket muzzles, padded leather harnesses, durable spiked and studded collars, leashes etc.

Strong German Shepherd Training Equipment
Do you need quality dog training supplies? Welcome! Our German Shepherd dog store will offer you wide range of sturdy leather and wire cage muzzles, training harnesses, handcrafted leather collars, leashes of any length and width, bite tugs and toys etc.

World of Dog Muzzles
Best quality training and walking dog muzzles for small, medium and large breeds.

American Bulldog Training Equipment Online
Best quality American Bulldog supplies for training: collars, tracking and pulling harnesses, obedience training leashes and agitation and protection training muzzles are available here.

Dog Collars Webstore for All Breeds
We offer great choice of leather and nylon, everyday walking and training collars nearly for all breeds. Unique handcrafted design, super quality, reasonable prices.

Special Rottweiler Dog Supplies Store
Best fit leather and nylon collars with reliable buckles, training harness with adjustable straps and durable hardware, attack and agitation training muzzles and many other dog stuff for your Rottweiler.

Great Dane Dog Accessories Online
Great Dane designer collars, walking and training leather harnesses and muzzles, great obedience training leads, bite suits for protection training work and many other items for your Great Dane.

Amstaff Dog Training Accessories
Go to our online Amstaff Store and find best designs of walking and training collars, pulling and agitation training harnesses, muzzles, leads and other dog stuff for your doggy.

Shop with Dod Muzzle Store
Marvelous choice of leather, wire basket and handpainted dog muzzles is here. Find the one you need for your dog and enjoy your training sessions and everyday walking.

All Dog Training Equipment for Amstaffs
Walking and training muzzles, nylon harnesses for pulling work out, long leashes and short leads, bite sleeves and puppy toys. All necessary dog items are in our online store at reasonable prices.

Mastiff Dog Products Online
Get now training harnesses, leather and wire basket muzzles, leads and collars for large Mastiffs and puppies.

Bulldog Training Supplies
Professional leather dog training equipment for Bulldogs can be found in our store: nylon and leather harnesses, wire basket and leather training and walking muzzles, luxurious and classic collars, durable leashes and many other dog stuff.

Training Equipment for German Shepherds
Best fit tracking and agitation training harnesses, spacious and adjustable muzzles, elegant classic and modern collars, obedience training leashes, pull tabs, sleeves and puppy toys for German Shepherds.

Boxer Dog Online Gear
Boxers as well as all other dogs need attention and to make this dog your best companion you should provide him with proper training that requires special training equipment. Our website is full of all necessary dog stuff you may need beginning with ordinary collars finishing with specializes Schutzhund work out.

Great Dog Products for Cane Corso
Get here high quality dog training supplies for your Great Dane. Sturdy and comfy leather and nylon collars, agitation and pulling harnesses, different models of muzzles, puppy pull tabs and a lot of other dog stuff are available.

Incredible Quality Professional Training Tools for English Bulldog - Genuine quality leather harnesses, leashes, muzzles and collars for your Bulldog are presented on this webstore.

Specially Created Dog Equipment For Powerful Rottweiler - Purchase today best fitting collars, harness and muzzles for your Rottweiler, as well as get acquainted with big choice of dog toys and different training equipment.
Professional training tools for Great Dane breed - Uniquelly designed dog collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, and other dog stuff for Great Dane breed.

Durable, finest quality German Shepherd training equipment for everyday use - Great choice of high value German Shepherd muzzles, elegant harnesses, stylish collars, leashes, bite tugs and toys, etc. Find all this on our web store!

Specialized webstore for different kinds of dog harnesses - Full diversity of high quality dog harnesses for different purposes: training, agitation, walking, pulling etc

Strict and elegant, extravagant and everyday use dog harnesses - Great variety of dog harnesses models, sizes and colors. Find the perfect harness for your beloved dog. High quality is guaranteed

Originally Designed Dog Collars For All Breeds
- Plenty of leather and nylon, everyday and training collars for all breeds. Unique handcrafted designs.

Brand New Dog Leashes for any Activity
- Looking for certain type of leash? Visit our store and you will find best leather, nylon or chain leashes for any type of activity! 

Schutzhund Dog Supplies - Wire cage and leather muzzles for agitation training and everyday walking, wide and narrow leather collars, anti-pulling nylon harnesses and leashes, as well as bite suits for dog trainers. Visit us and you won't regret.

Quality Dog Muzzles Webstore for perfect fitting leather and wire basket muzzles.
Durable metal training dog collars - Best quality metal equipment for training, metal training dog collars.
Original herm sprenger dog collars store - Exclusive design of dog training equipment for your dog.

Best fitting durable dog muzzles
- Best value dog muzzles for medium, large and extra large breeds.

Leather Amstaff muzzles of genuine quality material - Cane Corso leather dog muzzles, Bull Terrier leather dog muzzles, Rottweiler dog muzzles, etc.

Large dog breeds wire cage muzzles - Small wire dog muzzles, medium wire dog muzzles.

Protection dog bite sleeves for training - Training dog bite pillows, dog bite sleeve covers, Schutzhund dog bite sleeves.

Hidden dog bite sleeves
- Dog protection sleeves, intermediate bite sleeves, Schutzhund-sport dog bite sleeves, training collars, bite tugs and toys, Schutzhund dumbbells.